Zapmint Existence in Uttar Pradesh and Providing Products to all Cities

Uttar Pradesh is India’s most populous state with a population of 199,581,477 (2011 census). It is divided into 75 districts . Zapmint is one of the leading and topmost Companies in Concentrate division, Household Cleaners, Pine division, Mint division, etc field. We deal in high-quality White Phenyl Concentrate, Toilet Cleaner Concentrate, Hand Wash Concentrate, Dish … Read more

Uses of White Phenyl Concentrate

Uses of White Phenyl Concentrate In Home-   A Phenyl type disinfectant, which destroys pathogenic organism, must also have the following properties. It should not leave any unpleasant odour or stain in the aren disinfected. It should also be a deodorant. It should immediately be dissolved while adding in water and the solution thus prepared … Read more