How to Make Pine oil-

Pine oil Manufacturing process is very clear there is two type  grade mentation here pine oil synthetic and pine oil natural, We would discuss here pine oil sysnethic there is lot of grade available like-

  • pine oil 22%
  • Pine oil 32%,
  • Pine oil 40%,
  • Pine oil 50%
  • Pine oil 65%,
  • Pine oil 85%

There are all grade makes by blending process. The main raw material is gum turpentine oil. Pine oil is used as a solvent for gums, resins, and other substances. We can use different & different type grade and blend together. We have to present GC machine also for testing purpose.

The formula of pine oil is = (Gum Turpentine oil by Product as per grades required + other substances).Now blend all together and check the grade through testing by the GC

Market of the Pine oil –

Market of the pine oil is very large its used different type industry. It is also used in odorants, insecticides, detergents, wetting and emulsifying agents, wax preparations, and antifoaming agents and in textile scouring and the flotation process for refining lead and zinc ores.

Prices of the Pine oil –

Prices of pine oil depend on the Raw materials. The main raw is gum turpentine oil.Turpentine is available from different parts of the world. There are various challenges currently being faced in terms of inflation, demand, supplies, availability, and cost of bi-products, logistics, and freight conditions. Now we can calculate prices according to this. Pine oil sale in kg and ltr both .

  • PINE OIL CAS NO – CAS [8002-09-3]
  • Appearance – Clear liquid
  • Color – Pale yellow
  • Odor-  Piney
  • Relative density at  20ºC 0.8650 to 0.8750
  • Refractive index at  200C 1.4700 to 1.4800
  • BY DEHYDRATION METHOD– Total alcohols 22.00 Min.

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